Amino Acid

Amino Acid

UniChem Amino Acid

  • Readily dissolves in water making it ideal for correcting Nitrogen deficiencies in crops, turf, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.
  • Applied as a foliar spray or to the soil through all types of irrigation systems, injectors and hydraulic sprayers.
  • Organic source for non-leachable Nitrogen with no Chloride or Sodium which can build up to toxic levels in soils.
  • Nutrient rich in 18 different Amino Acids, with no phytotoxic effects and is compatible with many different organic materials.
  • A perfect soil conditioner specially in Calcareous and poor soils.

Amino Acid

Organic Nitrogen (N)≥ 17%
Water Soluble Nitrogen≥ 16%
Total Amino Acids≥ 60%


Amino Acid 60% Material Technical Data SheetAmino Acid 60% Material Technical Data Sheet

Natural polymer (amino acids and peptides) modified by chemical hydrolysis. Hydrolyzed protein based on hair and/or feathers, filtered, concentrated and spray dried. Water-soluble powder.

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